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Gregory L. Brower, DVM, Ph.D.

Centenary Associate Professor
E-mail: Gregory.brower@uscmed.sc.edu

Phone:  803-216-3802
FAX: 803-216-1523

B.S. Veterinary Science 
Awarded - December 1985

TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, College of Veterinary Medicine 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 
Awarded - May 1987

Residency - Laboratory Animal Pathology 
June 1992 - December 1993

Ph .D. Biomedical Sciences 
Awarded - December 1998

Research Focus:

Dr. Brower's major research emphasis is focused on understanding the pathogenesis of heart failure.  Specifically, the mechanisms and regulatory events influencing cardiac remodeling induced by chronic ventricular volume or pressure overload.  Ventricular enlargement, consisting of both hypertrophy and dilatation, together with a thin walled, spherical ventricular shape are known risk factors associated with congestive heart failure.  Preventing this adverse myocardial remodeling is a major goal of this laboratory. Ongoing research currently includes determining:

  • the role of cardiac mast cells, cytokines (i.e., TNF-alpha), and adhesion proteins (i.e., integrins) in myocardial remodeling and in maintaining normal ventricular shape, size, and function.
  • the role of myocardial matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in extracellular matrix synthesis and degradation.
  • the temporal response at the cellular and organ level in cardiac myocyte remodeling responsible for hypertrophy and dilatation.
  • the role of angiotensin II mediated myocardial hypertrophy and damage in the pathogenesis of heart failure.
  • the mechanisms responsible for the gender related differences in myocardial remodeling and the cardioprotective effects of female sex hormones and or phytoestrogens.

These research objectives involve the use of animal models of hypertension (e.g., ascending aortic banding and angiotensin II infusions) and chronic ventricular volume overload (e.g., arteriovenous fistula and myocardial infarction); and several disciplines including organ and isolated myocyte physiology, biochemistry, pathology, immunohistochemistry, morphometry, pharmacology, and molecular biology.  Much of this research is performed in the Cardiac Structure and Function Laboratory in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Janicki and Dr. Jason Gardner.

Research Lab

Recent Publications

  • Brower GL, Henegar JR and Janicki JS. Temporal evaluation of left ventricular remodeling and function in rats with chronic volume overload. American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology 271 (5 Pt 2): H2071-H2078, 1996.
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  • de Almeida A, Mustin D, Forman MF, Brower GL, Janicki JS and Carver W. Effects of mast cells on the behavior of isolated heart fibroblasts: Modulation of collagen remodeling and gene expression.Journal of Cellular Physiology 191(1): 51-59, 2002.
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