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  • Tenure and Promotion – congratulations to Dr. Taixing Cui for his receipt of tenure with promotion to Associate Professor.
  • American Diabetes Association Award – Dr. Taixing Cui has received funding from the American Diabetes Association for his research proposal titled “Identification of CYLD as a novel mediator of diabetic cardiomyopathy”.
  • Congratulations to CBA 2016 USC Aspire Award recipients:
    • Dr. John Eberth – Development and evaluation of an in vitro calcium chloride mouse model of aortic aneurysm
    • Dr. Holly LaVoie – Validation of cumulus cell biomarkers reflecting oocyte quality and leading to live birth using IVF
    • Dr. Jay Potts – Enhancement of imaging capabilities in the USC Instrumentation Resource Facility
    • Dr. Bob Price – Acquisition of a JOEL Neoscope Scanning Electron Microscope for the USC Instrumentation Resource Facility
  • Spring 2016 PhD Graduates – congratulations to PhD candidates who have recently defended their dissertation research and will be graduating in May, 2016 including Lindsey Davis (Lessner lab), Bryan Mathis (Cui lab), Stephen Iwanowycz (Fan lab), Eva Juarez-Perez (Spinale lab) and Shana Watson (Lessner lab).
  • National Science Foundation Award - Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose and colleagues from the University of Washington have received a grant titled “Macroevolutionary analyses of cranial morphology and function in mammals”.
  • University of South Carolina Outstanding Faculty/Staff Volunteer Award – Congratulations to Dr. Adam Hartstone-Rose for his recent receipt of this university award given annually by the Leadership and Service Center to USC faculty or staff for outstanding contribution to the community and university through service.
  • 2016 Dean C. Barnhart Award - Vinal Menon from the lab of Dr. Jay Potts has received the 2016 Dean C. Barnhart Award. This award recognizes PhD students who go above-and-beyond the call of duty, particularly in terms of service to the graduate program and other activities.
  • National Institutes of Health – congratulations to Dr. Susan Lessner who has received funding for her R03 grant titled: “Pilot Study of gender-specific differences in failure resistance and material fatigue of human carotid atherosclerotic plaques”.

  • Magellan Scholar Awards – Congratulations to the following student/ faculty mentor teams who have recently received funding from the USC Magellan Scholar program: Ms. Kaitlyn Swimmer/ Drs. Frank Spinale and Edie Goldsmith, Ms. Amanda Carver/ Dr. Wayne Carver, and Ms. Shrusti Patel and Ms. Desai Ruchi/ Dr. Ann Ramsdell.

  • Welcome to the University of South Carolina – The department welcomes Dr. Mohamad Azhar to the USC School of Medicine.  Dr. Azhar comes to USC from Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis where he was a Research Assistant Professor.  Dr. Azhar received his MSc in Biotechnology from the Aligarh Muslim University and his PhD in Developmental Biology from the Indian Institute of Science.  He has a long background in research focused on transforming growth factor-beta and recently received an R01 from the NIH for “Analysis of TGF-beta ligands function in heart development and disease”.

  • National Institutes of Health R01 – Congratulations to Dr. Jay Potts and colleagues at the Medical University of South Carolina for receipt of funding for their R01 proposal titled: “Complement-factor H-based therapeutics in an age-related macular degeneration”.

  • ASPIRE Awards – Congratulations to Drs. Spinale, Eberth and team for their ASPIRE-II Award titled “The Center for Biomaterials and Cardiovascular Repair”.  This award represents the collaborative efforts of faculty from the School of Medicine, College of Engineering and Computing and the College of Arts and Sciences.  The ultimate goal of this research is to develop methods to enhance repair and regeneration of cardiovascular damage due to myocardial infarction and aortic aneurysms.  Congratulations also to Dr. Carver for receipt of an ASPIRE-I Award titled “Role of myocyte-derived exosomes in modulation of myocardial fibrosis”.  This research proposal focuses on exosomes as a means of myocyte-fibroblast communication.

CBA Mission Statement

The USC Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy has as its core mission to aggressively pursue excellence in biomedical research and medical and graduate education. Faculty, students and staff in the department are dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge in biomedical science with concentrations in cardiovascular development/disease, reproductive biology, regenerative medicine and functional anatomy. Departmental personnel are also committed to providing rigorous, state-of-the-art education in anatomical and cell biological sciences to the next generation of researchers, educators and health care professionals.