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Robert Price, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Director, Instrumentation Resource Facility, (IRF)
Phone: (803) 216-3824
Fax: (803) 216-3848

Instrumentation Resource Facility

Professional Experience
1984  Interim Director - Center for Electron Microscopy, Southern Illinois University
1984-1989 Senior Research Associate, Center for Bio-architectonics, Case Western Reserve   University
1987-1989 Director, Ctr for Neurosciences Electron Microscopy Facility, Case Western Reserve University
1990-1995 Integrated Microscopic Analysis Facility Lab. Manager, University of South Carolina
1995-1997 Research Assistant Professor, Developmental Biology & Anatomy, USC School of Medicine
1997-2003 Research Associate Professor, Developmental Biology & Anatomy, USC School of Medicine
2003-Present Research Professor, Developmental Biology & Anatomy, USC School of Medicine
1997-current Director, USC School of Medicine Instrumentation Resource Facility
Honors and Extramural Service

1986 Microscopy Society of America Diatome Award
1987-current Member, Electron Microscopy Society of America Education Committee
1987-1991 Chair, Microscopy Society of America Undergrad Scholarship Committee
1990-1995 Member, Microscopy Society of America Technologist Cert. Board
2000-2001 Microscopy and Microanalysis 2001, Long Beach, CA Program Chair
2001, 2003 Research Advancement Award, USC School of Medicine
2003 Southeastern Microscopy Society Distinguished Scientist Award
2004-2005 Microscopy and Microanalysis 2005, Honolulu, HA Program Chair

Recent Publications

Bullard, T.A., Borg, T.K. and Price, R.L. The expression and role of protein kinase C in neonatal cardiac myocyte attachment, cell volume and myofibril formation is dependent upon the composition of the extracellular matrix. Microscopy and Microanal. In Press.

Nakayama, M., Yan, X., Price, R.L., Borg, T.K., Ito, K., Sanbe, A., Robbins, J. and Lorell, B.H. 2005. Chronic ventricular myocyte specific overexpression of angiotensin II type 2 receptor results in intrinsic myocyte contractile dysfunction. A. J. Physiol Heart Circ Phsiol 288(1): H317-327.

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